Bianca Rauser

I started out working in an insurance office in 2002. I liked it, but a desk job didn’t really suit me. I had made connections with several body shops during claims processes within the insurance industry, and auto body piqued my interest. I left the Empire of Insurance, and went to work as an estimator at a small body shop. I found my niche, I truly loved working around cars and people. I enjoyed returning people’s cars to pre-accident condition, and making them happy. I had a couple of people ask me if I wanted to open my own shop someday. I had never really considered it, I was just fine working for someone else. One day, I was having a conversation with an insurance adjuster, and he made the comment that women can’t succeed at owning and running a body shop. I’m not sure if he was using reverse psychology, but that sparked a fire in me that will never be extinguished. In order to prove this guy wrong, I set forth on gaining auto body knowledge that would make old-school techs heads spin. I took classes all over the US, read constantly about the industry, and met with some of the best collision repair consultants in North America. You think you are going to stop this girl? No way. So my commitment to you, is that I promise to deliver to you the best quality job, attention to detail, empathy, and listening skills that only a woman can provide. 🙂



I attended Arkansas Tech and got a degree in Collision Repair Technology in 2005. I got my first job painting cars in a limousine factory, where I learned that all jobs must be absolutely immaculate. Since then, I have worked in body shops, and am thrilled with working at such a state-of-the-art shop. I like seeing my work at car shows, watching them bring in trophies. I strive to make each job go above and beyond customer’s expectations. I regularly attend classes to stay up with the ever-changing auto industry, and really enjoyed getting to experience SEMA in 2014.



I have over 10 years experience in the paint and body industry. Since I was a small child, it has been my passion to surround myself with cars and trucks, learning every aspect of them. My very first job was working in a limousine factory, where perfection was demanded, and that has carried over with the work I do today. I believe in the good ole’ saying, “Quality, not quantity.” I have the best friends and family a person could ask for, and it prides me to make them proud. Come by and check us out, you will not be disappointed!